caregiver giving medication to an elderly woman in wheelchairMy Angels Home Care Agency offer services that are geared towards providing seniors and their families with the best services while staying at home. Aside from the comfort, it is also our priority to ensure the safety and wellness of our patients through the services we offer for them.

As a patient-focused agency, we understand that there is no person greater than the patient or his immediate family who knows how to best handle or care for them. That is why, we provide free in-home assessment to better understand your service needs before we even send a professional caregiver to your home.

Below is a list of the basic services we provide and how you can highly benefit from them.

  • Personal Care And Assistance.
    Patients who are advanced in age will find our PCA very beneficial. Not only will they be able to accomplish more personal tasks to keep themselves clean, respectable, and dignified, they can also ensure their safety under the watch of skillful care providers.
  • Diet and Nutrition Management.
    Our care providers can plan and prepare foods with nutritional contents that are needed by their recovering bodies. They can very well coordinate with patient’s nutritionist, physician, and family members to ensure that the foods that are prepared are not only clean and delicious, but are also great sources of the nutrients they need.
  • Medication Compliance Assistance.
    Most senior adults are already on maintenance drugs or food supplements. These are necessary for them to regain or maintain their good health and wellness. But they often miss taking them due to memory gap. With our care providers who will consistently and constantly remind them to take their medications, we can ensure higher compliance to medication, thus, resulting to faster recovery and better over-all health.
  • Non-Emergency Transportation.
    We ensure the safety and convenience of patients as they go to doctor’s office for regular appointments or visit rehab centers for therapy sessions. With our transfer and ambulation services, we can guarantee safe and convenient trips anytime, anywhere.
  • Companionship.
    We provide emotional, mental, and social comforting through our care providers’ loving presence as patients go to appointments, or even just at home while having coffee, or doing some recreational activities.
  • Homemaking.
    Get help with home duties through our home aides who can do household tasks like cleaning, washing, tending the garden, caring for pets, and doing random errands.

Should you need to know more about our services or if you want to get one service to complement another, then you may discuss that with us through an assessment that can have with you. Call now to set an appointment – 818-282-4058.

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